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Denton Black Film Festival Brings ‘Rich, Colorful Experience’ To Town

Story by Denisha McKnight Photos by Will McQueen A rush of people fill the basement of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows lodge, scrambling about looking for friends and places to sit. The basement is packed wall-to-wall with people ranging from adults to young children hurriedly getting settled. Its time for the show to start. […]

Published on: Mon, Dec 21, 2015

Rock of Ages

By: Ateanna Uriri Denton Live Fall-Winter 2015 Everybody dancin’  C’mon children, c’mon children  Come on, clap your hands  Sun went down in honey and the moon came up in wine  You know stars were spinnin’ dizzy, Lord  The band kept us too busy, we forgot about the time A couple dances and cheers under the […]

Published on: Mon, Jun 22, 2015

#dentonradio Tune in

By: Ateanna Uriri Denton Live Fall-Winter 2015 Claire Morales Amaranthine is a dreamy ride from beginning to end. Claire and the band are a perfect fit for indie-folk music, with her warm vocals and rich melody. “Prettier” sets the album off to a lively beginning, and “Perfume” gives it a velvety ending with an airy […]

Published on: Mon, Jun 22, 2015

Getting Jazzy With It

Story by Olivia Sylvain Denton Live Spring-Summer 2015 The sounds of saxophones, trumpets and drums resonate through Quakertown Park and electrify the city. Crowds gather on the grass to see all-day music. Nightly concerts feature world-renown headliners, this year Randy Brecker, Dr. John the Night Tripper and Denton’s own Grammy winners Brave Combo. An array […]

Published on: Thu, Jan 15, 2015

The Midlake Sound

Some bands crumble after the leading man, the lynchpin of the group, moves on. For the members of Denton-born Midlake, though, circumstance brought about a new type of togetherness. Initially formed in 1999 as the funk-inspired “Cornbread All-Stars,” the band began transcending into a new type of musical artistry. Midlake has come a long way […]

Published on: Thu, Jan 15, 2015


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