Krystal Jimenez

Krystal is from the Denton County area. She is currently a freshman at Texas Woman’s University where she studies nursing. She loves Dentoning, especially with her pug TiKo.


DBFF: Poetry Slam showcases a Night of Emotions

Last night, I had the privilege to go to Denton Black Film Festival’s “Poetry Slam” at the Black Box Theater. I have never been to any kind of poetry slam, so I was bubbling with excitement and anticipation to attend. Unsurprisingly, the buildup was worth it, because it exceeded my expectations. This festival never seems […]

Published on: Mon, Jan 30, 2017

DBFF: Behind Closed Doors, Reach uncover emotions and define freedom

Behind Closed Doors “Behind Closed Doors” is a great short film that will be showing at the Denton Black Film Festival. It is written by accredited filmmaker Max Cole with the help of Makeda Hardy, about a couple who attempt to wrap their minds around the fact that their son has told them that he […]

Published on: Mon, Jan 23, 2017

DBFF: Life Is Too Short shows the importance of appreciating life

If you’re scouting for a film amongst the Denton Black Film Festival that makes you reflect, I would highly recommend watching “Life is Too Short.” This drama feature, directed and produced by award-winning filmmaker Antoine Allen and co-written with Marquis C. Mosley, sheds light on the lives of five New Yorkers who are blind to […]

Published on: Sat, Jan 21, 2017

Thin Line: Ave Rats Lost Downtown demonstrates navigating life in tough times

Ave Rats Lost Downtown, is a short documentary by Christopher Schlumpf, exhibits the homeless youth of Seattle, Washington. It follows a couple of people, and their struggles with homelessness, and particularly speaking, these people live on 4th Ave. The scenes of the film show the contrast of the richer parts of Seattle to its slums. […]

Published on: Thu, Feb 11, 2016

Thin Line: The Man with Four Legs illustrates a surreal tragedy

If you’re into plot-twisting thrillers, I highly recommend The Man with Four Legs, directed and written by Ed Christmas. It trails three young documentarists who are trying to closely follow a schizophrenic man who calls himself James Davis. He has a mysterious gash in his head, and claims to know a woman who does not […]

Published on: Wed, Feb 10, 2016


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