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Katie Adams

Katie Adams is a local, born and raised in Denton County. She is currently a sophomore at the University of North Texas, and is studying Journalism in the Mayborn School of Journalism. She is a blogger, and is really excited about being on the Discover Denton team!


A Dentoning Rodeo Journey

(This is the final blog in a 3-part series about local rodeo competitor, Sadie Hairford. For part one of this series, click here. For part two of this series, click here.) The 87th annual North Texas Fair and Rodeo (NTFR) has sadly come to a close, and that means the preparation for next year’s event begins! The nine […]

Published on: Tue, Sep 01, 2015

A Rodeo Journey: The Competition

(This is part two of three blogs about local rodeo competitor, Sadie Hairford. For part one of this series, click here.) This summer, local Texas Woman’s University (TWU) student Sadie Hairford has competed in two high-intensity rodeos. One was for the best of Texas high school rodeo, and the other was for the best in […]

Published on: Tue, Aug 25, 2015

A Guide To #Dentoning

New year… new students entering Denton. The University of North Texas has almost 30,000 students in their undergraduate program, and a lot of the students don’t venture off of campus or Fry St. to the rest and, what I think are, the best parts of Denton. Campus life is an amazing experience for students. A […]

Published on: Thu, Aug 20, 2015

A Rodeo Journey

Amazing and fun things happen in Denton during the summer. It’s sunny, the weather is warm, there’s swimming, and the North Texas Fair and Rodeo (NTFR) takes the city by storm every August.  The NTFR is an annual event that draws a big crowd full of locals, out-of-towners, and competitors. Even though football is known […]

Published on: Wed, Aug 12, 2015

The Good Ol’ Days are Alive in Denton

Juke box, delicious food, milkshakes, and root beer. All of these things are a quick drive away from the square at local Denton hang out, “Mr. Frosty’s.”  At night the neon sign lights up Fort Worth drive and during the day the building lights up with character. When you walk into this 61 year old […]

Published on: Wed, May 13, 2015


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