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Marygail Lakner

If You're Ready for Adventure, Head 'Into the Woods'

I grew up on the tales of The Arabian Nights and Arthurian Legend, the Grimm Tales and folklore that tells of ghosts, fairies, witches and spells. I dove into the pages and let the world around me fall away until I could see the epic stories right before my eyes. When the world of magic beckoned me…

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Addams Family brings spooktacular fun to MTD

It was a dark and stormy night. The sun had long given up trying to break through the thick clouds that hung over Denton, leaving the townsfolk to fight through the downpour on their own. How appropriate, I thought to myself. I was braving the storm only to enter into totally different type of…

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Music Theatre of Denton Celebrates The Addams Family!

No organization does special events quite like Music Theatre of Denton, and their celebration of The Addams Family cast is no exception. B oard members of Music Theatre of Denton gathered with a variety of theatre patrons for their MTD Happy Hour and Surprise Unveiling in Denton’s own Abbey…

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