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Logan Holloway

THIN LINE: Tacos, Tunes and Two Left Feet

When you think of a festival, the mind really only goes in two directions. You're either picturing some artsy-fartsy films you've never heard of, or antiques and taco trucks. And, while yes, both of those situations can hold equally delicious and infuriating results, they are also only a small part…

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Thin Line: Life on Bitcoin

It’s no secret that we live in a digital world. We can watch TV on our phones whenever we want, or keep track of far we’ve walked throughout the day on our watches. Mailing physical letters has been outdated for a while now, but the ease and quickness at which emails can be shared now is crazy. To…

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Thin Line: You See Me sums up experience of profound loss

Loss is a part of life. We have to deal with it in some form day after day. Sure, sometimes it's just a simple case of running out of chocolate milk, but the empty hole it leaves is nevertheless devastating. Other times, though, it's no laughing matter. Other times, that inevitableness that we as…

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