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Krystal Jimenez

DBFF: Poetry Slam showcases a Night of Emotions

Last night, I had the privilege to go to Denton Black Film Festival’s “Poetry Slam” at the Black Box Theater. I have never been to any kind of poetry slam, so I was bubbling with excitement and anticipation to attend. Unsurprisingly, the buildup was worth it, because it exceeded my expectations…

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DBFF: King of Guangzhou - A Ticket to a New Life

By Krystal Jimenez When you hear the phrase “racial tension,” China is not the first thing that comes to mind. The narrative short drama, King of Guangzhou, directed and written by Quester Hannah, portrays a Nigerian man named Adede who lives in China with his wife under serious racial strains. When…

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DBFF: Black Girl in Paris: A Not-So-Glamorous Reality

By Krystal Jimenez Denton’s Black Film Festival is amongst us and the town is buzzing with excitement, eager to binge on the culture-rich shows. I had the delight of watching “Black Girl in Paris” which is based on the book by local artist and Dentonite, Shay Youngblood. This short drama follows a…

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