Beth Marie’s in VisitDFW’s Ice Cream Meltdown Bracket

Have you heard? Denton’s Beth Marie’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream is in the running for best ice cream in the DFW.

With the Texas summer sun here in all its glory, the annual quest for cool is upon our visitors.  So VisitDFW reached out to their partners and influencers and identified eight oh-so-cool DFW ice cream shops.  They are asking influencers and followers to pick DFW’s best ice cream shop in their inaugural summertime Ice Cream Meltdown! Along with DFW bragging rights, the winner will be entered into the World Ice Cream Index in a battle for global ice cream dominance. Voting begins June 8th on  INSTAGRAM.

How to Vote:

Just log in to your Instagram account, follow @VisitDFW and look for their story. (Beth Marie’s needs your votes!)

Instagram story example    Visit DFW Ice Cream Meltdown story    Beth Marie's on VisitDFW IG story

Followers can vote for their favorite ice cream shop by clicking on its’ name, so just click on Beth Marie’s. You can also vote once every 24 hours! VisitDFW will tally up the votes each day and announce the winners for Round 1 on June 15.  Those winners will then move on to Round 2, which will run from June 15 – June 21 with the winners announced on June 22. The final round will be from June 22 – July 4, and the final winner of the Ice Cream Meltdown will be announced on July 6.

Need some help deciding?

We want you to make an informed decision as this is a very serious MELTDOWN.  So here are some visuals to help.  But don’t take our word for how delicious Beth Marie’s Ice Cream tastes, stop by and use the code word MELTDOWN to receive 10% off during this Ice Cream smackdown.


Keep Denton cool! Vote for Beth Marie’s in the Ice Cream Meltdown.  (This endorsement was not paid for with ice cream.)

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