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Jan 18


DBFF: “The Mayor’s Race” is a Timely Political Tale

“The Mayor’s Race” by Loraine Blumenthal, is a documentary centered on Marvin Rees and his goal to become the first African American mayor in the United Kingdom. Born a mixed-race child in the ghettos of Bristol, Marvin Rees experienced violence and poverty his whole life. Armed with a terrific character in Rees, Blumenthal’s film is […]

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Jan 08


DBFF: “Black, White & US” Shines a Light on Racism’s Familial Impact

“Black, White & Us” is as interesting as its director’s name. Made by Loki Mulholland (who directed An Uncomfortable Truth, the Best Documentary Feature winner at the 2018 Denton Black Film Festival), the film deftly explores racism through the lens of transracial adoptions in Utah. A transracial adoption is best defined as when parents decide […]

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