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Mar 17


THIN LINE: The Must-See Music Performances

Every April, people travel to Denton to relish in Thin Line Fest’s musical entertainment, competitive photography and documentary films. If it’s your first year attending, it can be overwhelming to narrow down which performances you’d like to see. That’s where I come. So far, 18 bands are set to perform at this year’s festival. The […]

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Jan 14


DBFF: Bluegrass Band Reclaims Their Roots in Superb “Don’t Get Trouble In Your Mind”

Bluegrass probably isn’t the first type of music you associate with prestige. When you think of Grammy-winning tunes, you probably think of catchy melodies and poppy beats, not banjos, kazoos, fiddles and beatboxing. But don’t get it twisted: The Carolina Chocolate Drops earned every award they’ve ever won — and then some. “Don’t Get Trouble […]

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Jan 09


DBFF: “16 Bars” Highlights Intimate Inmate Stories Through Undiscovered Musical Talent

Behind white walls and barred doors stands a man who is no stranger to performing. Without a beat or a musical instrument to back him up, he raps through a quick verse as the audience gives him hopeful gazes. It is clear that his lyrics have an impact on his audience, and with each word, […]

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