Styron & Co Photography

Styron & Co is comprised of Skyler and Kelsey, a traveling husband & wife photography team based in DENTON. Traveling the world speaks to their souls, and we firmly believe there’s no better feeling than breathing in some crisp mountain air. They’re a little coffee and donut obsessed (mostly Skyler with the donuts), and adore their dog/child, Kahlúa.
They’re know that every couple has a story, and every story is a little different. That’s why they work to capture your true personalities. They’re not about stiff, formal weddings; the unconventional, original celebrations are what they are all about. If you’re down to hike a mountain, get your shoes a little muddy, and have a good time, then they would be a great match.
They’re about the fun stuff. They focus on the candid moments and details to make their work personal to each couple. To them, it’s about the true emotions, laughter, smiles, tears, and everything else that makes you so passionate about one another. As a married couple, they know that there’s no love like yours and there’s no better way to show that than by capturing it as it happens. Not only shooting what it looks like, but shooting what it feels like.