Outdoor Public Art Tours

She Gave Us Wings, This sculpture was dedicated as part of TWU homecoming activities in 2003. It was in memory of Dr. Anne Schley Duggan, who put women’s issues to the forefront. Rosanne Keller created the bronze. Located on the TWU campus south of the Institutional Development Building off Bell Ave.

Bronze Eagle Sculpture at UNT campus center for web Eliptical Composition, Sculpted by John Brough Miller, this piece of artwork resides in front of the Center for Visual Arts. It was crafted from metal taken from old ships and Miller still comes once a year or so to oilit down. Located in front of the Center for Visual Arts at 400 E. Hickory.

David Iles’s animal sculptures, Eighteen of artist David Iles’ bronze animal sculptures are poised around theEnvironmental Education, Science and Technology Building. The life-sized Texas wildlife sculptures were commissioned and donated by Dallas philanthropist Trammel Crow. Located on the UNT Campus at the corner of Hickory St. and Ave. C. ESSAT

Untitled, Barrett de Busk’s steel-and-stone art piece is outside the Art Building on UNT’s campus, located one block west of Mulberry and Welch streets.

Joy of Music, This sculpture of five musicians stands outside Mozart Square, a UNT residence hall at the corner of North Texas Boulevard and Eagle

Drive. The sculpture was created by George Lundeen.

Musicians Bronzed

Runner and Lovers, Both of these sculptures were created by artist Glenna Goodacre, who also created the Vietnam Women’s Memorial installed in Washington, D.C. in 1993 and has a lifelong passion for portraying the human figure. Located at Mozart Square at the corner of North Texas Blvd. and Eagle Dr.

Mozart at UNT(1)

Carrizo, Mac Whitney’s “Carrizo,” a red painted steel sculpture created in 1992, is located on the south side of the art building at UNT.

Earth Mother, Fort Worth artist Charles Willams created this sculpture in 1958 from five large blocks of Carthage marble. The piece, which looks like a reclining figure, is located on the southwest side of the Art Building at UNT, one block west of Mulberry and Welch St.

Festival in Motion, Sculptor Nic Noblique Poupore’s piece of art was donated by the Denton Festival Foundation, who produces the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival. It was given to the city of Denton during the 2004 festival and resides proudly in front of city hall.

Sculpture in Wind, This sculpture is located at Denton’s Water Works Park and Aquatic Center. It was commissioned in 1996 and dedicated in 2004 with the opening of the park. The sculpter is George Cadell.