Dusty’s Bar and Grill

Who the heck is Dusty?

It’s been said that people come into our lives for a “reason” or a “season”. On rare occasions a person might enter our lives for both. Dusty was one of those people. He was first, a customer…someone who showed up often, ordered his two beers, left his $4 tip and went home. He was a “regular”… someone you could count on to “be there”. He was then, a friend…someone with whom we could talk about things that mattered; someone who shared his passions & dreams with us– & who listened to ours; someone who checked on us if we were sick and cared about what we were doing with our lives. He was, finally, a mentor…someone from whom we always learned something (if we listened); someone who was well-educated, well-informed & well-spoken; someone who was part of this establishment before we ever hung our shingle. Dusty entered our lives for a season. Though he is gone he will not be forgotten. He entered for a reason, one which is still being defined. But he had a vision-one that included us– & so we honor this customer, this friend, this mentor, by including him in ours.

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