Arts and Autos is the Ultimate Dentoning Experience

Published on: Thu, Sep 06, 2018

My first car was a hand-me-down Ford Explorer: an old, rugged eyesore. The bumper sagged, the headlights were dim at best and years of wear and tear had turned the car a mysterious greyish color. Nevertheless, I loved that car, and I drove it like it was a classic bright red convertible jetting across Route 66 in 1960’s America. It didn’t have a significant family history attached to it (it was my brother’s, then mine) nor do I have any particularly fond memories specifically attached to it. I loved it because my father and I added a souped-up radio to this otherwise ancient hunk of metal, and that, ladies and gents, made it cool. Now, radio skills aside, I am nowhere near as creative as the folks behind the cars at this weekend’s Arts & Autos. But Dora the Ford Explorer was a testament to how cool it is to get creative – and to the special, nostalgic place cars sometimes hold in our hearts.

(Photo by Ed Steele Photography)

That aforementioned creativity is one of my favorite things about Denton – a community that puts on dozens of can’t-miss fests and events each year. There’s a dozen different Dentoning experiences to be had each week, all thanks to the creative acumen of Dentonites across the city. But few events highlight that creativity quite like the Arts & Autos Extravaganza.

On Saturday, the Denton Main Street Association (DMSA) will proudly present the 19th-annual Arts & Autos – a festival celebrating classic cars and crazy great artwork. The Square will be lined with hot rods, custom cars and magnificent motorbikes from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Meanwhile, artists will deck out the sidewalks with original chalk pieces. In between admiring these wicked sweet rides and beautiful chalk creations, you can enjoy the musical stylings of four different bands: one boogie, one jazz, one blues and one rock.

Christine Gossett, Event Coordinator for DMSA, thinks the combination of these three types of artistry will create a quintessentially Denton experience for Dentonites and visitors of all kinds.

(Photo by Sydney Cooper // Denton Live)

“We have a great music lineup and strolling through the cool cars, trucks and motorcycles is always a bit nostalgic for attendees,” she says. But as it honors the past, Arts & Autos will also celebrate the present – and the the future.

“I think people really enjoy seeing art unfold in front of their eyes,” Gossett says. That art includes the music filling the streets, the cars lining Hickory and the chalk artwork decorating the ground beneath your feet. Creativity – and cool – will be all around you at Arts & Autos. But don’t worry – those cars will be much prettier than Dora the Ford Explorer.