Austin Street is food truck central

Story and photos by Morganne Cameron
Denton Live Spring-Summer 2015

Published on: Tue, Jan 20, 2015

Austin St. Truck Stop by Morganne Cameron

The aroma of zesty basil and sweet bell pepper lingers delicately beneath the breeze of chipotle-lime marinated chicken and perfectly-seasoned street corn at Austin St. Truck Stop. Repurposed wood, car parts and license plates tastefully reimagined as seating options add a distinctly Denton touch to the tranquil vibes reverberating from the food truck park.

IMG_8837Denton already had food trucks, but now they have a home.

In April 2014, John Williams, owner of Oak St. Drafthouse and co-owner of East Side Denton unveiled the city’s first official food truck park. Directly adjacent to East Side Denton, the highly anticipated location provides a centralized space for food truck owners and consumers to gather for a new Denton food experience.

In addition to convenience, Waffle Wagon owner Rachel Black, says the food truck park cultivates a family-friendly scene for Dentonites and visitors.

“Austin St. brings families,” she says. “We have a really good community and it’s awesome.”

Seven trucks frequent Denton’s food truck park including the Waffle Wagon, Lean Machine, the Pickled Carrot, Kendrick’s BBQ, Doughboy’s Pizza, Say Kimchi and Flatlanders Taco Company.

“Austin St. gives people the opportunity to come out and have a nice night and enjoy a nice meal,” says Gabriel Kirkpatrick, owner of the Lean Machine food truck. “When you have this many trucks, you have options. Everyone can get what they want all in one central location.”

Whether you are yearning for a delectable Vietnamese noodle bowl, a mouth-watering plateful of sizzling barbeque or a sinful combination of bacon, peanut butter and banana atop a crispy waffle, Austin St. Truck Stop is the place for good vibes, good conversation and even better food.

Kendrick’s BBQ
The red-hot flames pictured on the exterior of Kendrick’s BBQ truck isn’t the only sizzle at Austin St. Truck Stop. Kendrick’s BBQ and More is Denton’s first barbeque truck serving luscious brisket sandwiches, signature sauce, hot link sausages, burgers, wings, hotdogs and more! Stop by Kendrick’s for your dose of old-fashioned southern zing.


The Waffle Wagon
Looking for a golden-crisped waffle with a side of full-flavored chicken strips? The Waffle Wagon serves up an assortment of waffle goodness. Keep it simple or spruce your Monte Cristo with seasonal fruits, whipped cream and bacon. The Waffle Wagon transforms an everyday breakfast food into crave-worthy creations!

The Pickled Carrot
Considered Denton’s Vietnamese food staple, the Pickled Carrot is a Little d delight. The menu touts pork, chicken, tofu and mushroom Banh Mi, plus exquisite combinations of soy vinaigrette salad bowls and cucumber limeade. The Pickled Carrot is serving Denton “one Banh Mi at a time.”

Lean Machine
Looking for a healthier alternative to your favorite comfort foods? How about a savory quesadilla minus the guilt? Lean Machine’s food truck fare has what it takes and will keep you coming back for more. Enjoy nutritious homemade recipes packed with delicious and healthy ingredients.

Doughboy’s Pizza
Doughboy’s gourmet pizza is DFW’s first pizza food truck to hit the scene. Their 8-inch pies will satisfy in no time, ready in just five minutes. The only thing cooler than the food truck’s Martian-themed decor is their tantalizing topping combinations. You’ll find yourself with a hankering for Doughboy’s specialties like buffalo chicken pizza long after it graces your taste buds.

Say KimchiIMG_8890
Say Kimchi adds a Korean twist to American food staples, making for unique foodie favorites. They are well known for their Kimchi fries that are topped with Korean beef, grilled kimchi, freshly cut cilantro and spicy sriracha chili sauce.

Flatlanders Taco Company
This food truck’s menu boasts street tacos filled with tasty choices such as crawfish al pastor, habanero-marinated chicken, roasted chickpea and chorizo. Flatlanders will gratify your taste for tacos.

For Austin St. Food Truck Park’s website and schedule, visit

See an updated list of Denton food trucks here! (revised July 2017)


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