A DIME a dozen

Published on: Thu, Dec 28, 2017

Locally-sourced store shows best of Denton’s character

Every day, they welcome people into their home, a small stone building on Locust Street with teal trim along the roof. The outside though, doesn’t compare in the slightest to what’s inside. The front door creaks as you enter. As soon as it swings open a soothing aroma of warm, earthy scents surrounds you.

Greeting cards begging to be filled with words of love and sent away to special someones line the walls. Handmade tea towels, candles and soaps cover the tables. Stained glass pyramids dangle in front of the window capturing the sunlight and shedding a colorful shadow. Twinkle lights dangle above your head as gentle music flows around all the displayed wares.

Cards, hanging succulents and more fill the shelves and tables of The DIME Store, 510 S Locust. (Photo by Savannah Hubbard/Denton Live)

A chalkboard wall is adorned with the word ‘gather’ scrawled across the top. Within these walls, a community finds its home.

She sits at a workshop table smiling, surrounded by art that she’s curated or created herself. Looking around the room, she points to festive fall tea towels and a quilt-style pillow that are her own work.

Shelley Christner owns The DIME Store, a gathering place for local artists to showcase their creations.

Shelley put down roots in Denton’s creative community at the inaugural season of the Denton Community Market in 2010. At the time, she and her husband were building and refurbishing furniture. Selling at the market, she was introduced to many craftspeople. As her relationships with makers grew, they saw a need for a more consistent way of selling their creations. Etsy Denton was created to bring Denton makers together and give them an additional platform to display and sell their work. The transition from an online Etsy store to a brick-and-mortar storefront was an organic process that was supported by the community.

“Denton is unique in that the community of makers here are very open to helping one another,” Shelley says. “People are not as competitive as they are in other creative communities. We all just want to encourage and strengthen one another.”

Home Again, Home Again is Christner’s line of home goods that includes anything warm and cozy. Hand-poured Resoycled candles, natural Austin Street Apothecary skin care, handcrafted Juniper and Gin jewelry, and many other homemade creations find their place at The DIME Store.

You never know what you’ll find at The DIME Store. Its shelves are regularly restocked with locally-crafted goods. (Photo by Savannah Hubbard/Denton Live)

The DIME Store also has a presence on Denton’s downtown square. Inside the Discover Denton Welcome Center there’s a Denton-centric DIME Store pop-up shop, which includes items such as postcards featuring the courthouse and Denton pillows, all of which are handmade.

“The DIME Store embodies so much of what makes Denton a one-of-a-kind place and we are honored to have our local talent, whether it be music or products, represented in the Welcome Center,” said Randi Sue Surratt, retail manager.

Shelley never expected to own her own handmade haven or even be in an artistic career. She always had a passion for the creative, but ended up getting a degree in engineering geology from Texas A&M. She later was a high school physics teacher before her creations took center stage.

Denton’s creative community has been there first to inspire Shelley, and then to support DIME.

“I’m happy wherever I’m supposed to be,” Shelley says. “And this is where I’m supposed to be.”