Denton Live Issue:
    Featured, July-Dec 2015

    All Dogs Go to Dog Days of Denton

    Story by Laura Cortez Photos courtesy of Sheila Wilson I take center stage, wearing nothing but my hiking backpack and a bandana tied around my neck. Self-conscious? Naw. I’m feeling good. It is, after all, a warm September day. The sun even makes me glow, and everybody’s looking at me. Hey! I smell a corndog […]

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    MURAL_Mick_HousesMural- Kristen Watson

    Denton Live Issue:
    Featured, July-Dec 2015

    In Living Color: A Mural Tour of Denton

    Story and photos by Kristen Watson Welcome to Denton, an art mecca that’s home to painters, sculptors, printmakers and designers. Denton’s creative community cultivates the best art around, especially fantastic public art. From Fry Street to the Historic Downtown Denton Square to the halls of UNT, there’s a wall, fence or building to display every […]

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    Muttin Bustin'

    Denton Live Issue:
    Featured, July-Dec 2015

    It Ain’t Their First Rodeo

    Story by Danielle Garcia Photos courtesy of North Texas Fair & Rodeo Clouds of dirt fly through the air as the rodeo crowd goes wild. Samantha Tippit’s adrenaline rushes through her veins as the speed of her horse and the noise of the crowd picks up. Her blonde hair is blowing behind her. One wrong […]

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    MUST CREDIT Christopher Blumenshine 5

    Denton Live Issue:
    Featured, July-Dec 2015

    It is the Best of Times

    Story by Brittany Fholer Photos by Christopher Blumenshine ‘Tis a magical time. For thousands of years in the cold of winter, two symbols have come together as a celebration of life. Amidst the dreariness of the season, when many living things sleep or die off, evergreen trees stand out in their starkly contrasting color. Festooned […]

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    All Events
    Afternoons at Audacity @ Audacity Brew House
    Nov 28 all-day

    audacity beers

    Cold beer and hot tunes, every Saturday afternoon at Audacity Brew House.
    Brewery tours at 3 and 7pm (always free)
    Live music from 4 to 6 pm.

    Shop Small at The Bearded Monk @ The Bearded Monk
    Nov 28 all-day

    bearded monkey

    #SmallBizSat is Nov 28, and The Bearded Monk is going to celebrate with a #ShopSmallDenton Selfie event. Show your support by taking selfies with The #PlushedMonk or with your beer. Tag us in each photo and share them with #ShopSmallDenton.

    We’ll have great deals for your Holiday Shopping on amazing craft beer and locally made products from local artisans!

    Denton Community Market Final Day @ Denton County Historical Park
    Nov 28 @ 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

    Denton community mkt

    The Denton Community Market is every Saturday April – November, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. The Saturday after Thanksgiving is the last Denton Community Market of the season, and will have extended hours, staying open until 3pm.

    The market is local art and produce market located @ Carroll Blvd. and Mulberry St. near downtown Denton, Texas. We are a community gathering space alive with live music by local artists, fresh local produce, locally-produced handmade arts and crafts, delicious on-site food, local business, community groups and more! We encourage you to come to any of our market days to join in on the fun.

    For more information, visit the Denton Community Market’s website at dentonmarket.org

    Roller Derby – New Skater Practice @ North Texas Roller Derby
    Nov 28 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am

    House of Quad on Frenchy Van

    Have ever wanted to try roller derby? It’s a great sport, lots of fun and good for all fitness levels. We teach you how to skate, no need to already know how! $5 to drop in and try it out. New skater practice focuses on the basics and is tailored for beginners. Women 18 – 50+ skate with us. Come try it out with no commitment required. Loaner gear available.

    Denton Rock Lottery 14 @ Dan's Silverleaf
    Nov 28 @ 10:00 am – 10:00 am

    Dan's Silverleaf; night venue; live music

    25 artists’ names go into a hat, 5 bands come out.
    The Rock Lottery premise is simple, but effective. Twenty-five hand picked musicians meet at 10:00AM at the evenings performance venue. These volunteers are organized into five groups through a lottery-based chance selection. The five separate groups are then released to practice at different locations. The musicians have twelve hours to create a band name and three to five songs (with a one cover-song limit). The groups will then perform what they have created that evening in front of a waiting audience.

    The twenty-five musicians included in this experiment are selected in an attempt to represent a wide variety of musical styles. This event intends to bring together many facets of that area’s music community that may seem incompatible as well as musicians whose interests may conflict. The challenge for these musicians is to try and go beyond their personal and musical differences and work together to create a unified group project that still contains the personal styles of each of the participants.
    This year’s Rock Lottery proceeds will all go to CASA of Denton County.


    Jazz Brunch @ The Chestnut Tree
    Nov 28 @ 10:00 am

    Chestnut Tree

    The Chestnut Tree hosts a Jazz Brunch on weekly on Saturdays! Enjoy some delicious bistro food and great jazz music.

    Karma Yoga @ Audacity Brew House
    Nov 28 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am




    Karma Yoga is a community of Inspire Yoga 200 RYT Teacher Trainees, who are partnering with local small business to offer donation based yoga classes.

    Free yoga sessions in the Audacity Taproom every Sunday at 10 a.m. Then replenish those calories with a cold beer as we open at 11 a.m.

    Local Comic Shop Day @ More Fun Comics and Games
    Nov 28 @ 10:00 am

    more fun comics

    Blockbuster movies, the most popular TV shows, powerhouse characters known the world over. All have one thing in common: They were born in comic books and made popular through the work of artists, writers and a dedicated group of fiercely independent small business owners. On Saturday November 28, it’s time to shine the spotlight on comic book retailers, the fire-starters of pop culture. It’s time to celebrate Local Comic Shop Day!
    Join us at More Fun Comics and Games for cool limited editon items, plus a few surprises!

    When The Well is Dry, We Know the Worth: Neal Paustian @ Patterson Appleton Arts Center
    Nov 28 @ 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

    when the well is dry... from WEBSITE

    Starting November 13th, the Greater Denton Arts Council will present the thought provoking work of native Texan, Neal Paustian. In When the Well is Dry, We know the Worth, Paustian uses both steel and glass to highlight and raise awareness of the socio-political issue of water conservation, a growing problem across the United States. Using glass as a metaphor for water, the artist transforms glass and steel into poignant explorations of the fragility of both glass and our nation’s water supply.

    Neal Paustian received a BFA in Graphic Arts in 2002 from the University of Texas, Arlington, returning in 2011 to pursue an MFA in Glass. This exhibit will run through December 30th.


    Light, Space and Beauty @ Patterson-Appleton Arts Center
    Nov 28 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

    center for visual arts

    Explore the playful, airy, sculptural and multi-media works of Cathy Breslaw. Breslaw holds an MFA from Claremont Graduate University and degrees from Howard University and George Washington University.


    Denton. Original. Independent.

    Mull it over for a minute. Look at the image. Think about the words. What does it mean? What is it saying?

    This is our brand. It conveys in a single image the essence of this place:  Denton, Texas. Understanding our brand is the first step to understanding our vibe. And tuning to our vibe is the key to unlocking your own uniquely-customized, Denton-centric adventure.

    The word original is a broad application. It’s more a description of spirit than physical attribute, though the spirit is manifested in the physical fabric of our city. The creative energy fueled by our universities, arts community, music industry, small business community, the North Texas Horse Country – it drives originality. Another example of our originality is our vibrant downtown. It’s the real thing, no faux about it. We hold fast to our history while progressively moving ahead. We hold originality in high regard.

    Independent is more of the same spirit and springs from the same attributes as original. Consider our burgeoning music scene, for instance. Denton is known around the world for the music movement that’s been organically evolving here for many years. Interestingly, though, there is not a specific “Denton sound” that anyone can identify in a word. That is


    the result of original and independent. The sound is a combination of individual sounds where writers, musicians, poets and venues have their own messages, rhythms, tunes and atmospheres. Listeners get the entire breadth, as varied or not as they choose. And again, in the surrounding horse country, we have the most diverse equine population and disciplines in one area than anywhere else on Planet Earth. That’s independent, and it results in a lively, energetic culture.

    The weathered appearance of the brand is quite intentional. Think about your favorite pair of jeans.

    They’re likely a bit worn-looking, because they are your favorite. They fit you perfectly, comfortably. And they wouldn’t fit anyone else in just the same way. Our brand says that’s how Denton fits too.

    Denton is a place where people come to pursue their passions, and we’ve shared their dreams and journeys for more than 150 years. You’ll see it in our year-round festivals, museums, galleries and shops. You’ll taste it in the delectable art of local chefs and unique dining.  You’ll feel it in our vibe.

    Welcome to Denton. Now get ready for something different, an experience no other has had before, because this one is yours: Original. Independent.

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